Heroin is considered to be one of the most dangerous drugs around today. The effects of heroin are so powerful and addictive that people who use the drugs are expected to develop a dependency. Heroin is so addictive that those who use the drug for recreational purposes see just how quickly its use can become nearly impossible to control.


Heroin and the Brain

Heroin has such a powerful impact on key portions of the brain is believed to inevitably cause addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, receptors for heroin are located in portions of the brain that are responsible for reward and for the perception of pain. Heroin causes this area of the brain to work over time, making experiences seem remarkably pleasurable. Because it is such a powerful drug, repeat use of heroin can also have negative effects on the brain as cells can become fatigued or even burned out.


Heroin Abuse

Heroin is typically taken through injection, smoking, snorting and suppository use. By taking the drug through these fast delivery systems it allows heroin to affect them all at once, like a title wave of euphoria. This rush is something that the brain remembers and begins to crave.

There are many studies conducted that believe that those who injected heroin had higher rates of dependence than those who smoked the drug. Regardless to the method in which heroin is taken developing an addiction is extremely dangerous.


Heroin Addiction

When addicted to heroin you get to a point where all you can think of is getting your next high. Your both physically and mentally addicted, experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when you do get your next fix and cravings that keep you going back for more. If can become extremely difficult to stop using heroin as your thoughts and actions are consumed by its use.

If you or a loved one are addicted it is important to seek help immediately. Contacting and Addictions Treatment Center will get you the help you need to overcome your addiction to heroin and take back control of your life.

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