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With Pharmaceuticals

Quit Heroin with Pharmaceuticals

There are many ways to quit heroin, with some people realizing the advantages of relying on pharmaceutical drugs.

With this strategy, you will take the same basic approach as if you were quitting “cold turkey.” The primary difference is that you will rely on medications, such as Tramadol, Xanax, and Valium, to reduce the effect of withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of Quitting with Pharmaceuticals

While some would rather implement a cold turkey strategy, others realize the benefits of quitting heroin with the help of pharmaceuticals. Some of the greatest benefits include:

• Minimize the impact of withdrawal symptoms
• Reduce your level of discomfort
• Get additional help without developing an addiction to another drug

The Challenge

Quitting heroin with pharmaceuticals is also known as “warm turkey.” Your goal is not to get high. Your goal is not to completely eliminate your discomfort. Instead, you are hoping to minimize painful withdrawal symptoms to push you one step closer to your end goal.

The Help you need

With the right pharmaceutical drugs you can get just enough help to keep symptoms, such as nausea and anxiety (among others), on hold. Best yet, you will take low dosages, meaning that you won’t become addicted to these drugs.

Note: since you are relying on prescription medications, you will need to visit a doctor who can not only prescribe the medicine but also follow your progress.

Assistance is Available

Although many have successfully quit heroin warm turkey, there is no guarantee. If you run into any challenges along the way, you should immediately consult with a medical professional.